General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the posting of all advertisements and banners on the AgriMatch site. These terms and conditions are also stated on the invoice.

  • The invoice also serves as an order confirmation. If the client does not agree with the information stated on the invoice, AgriMatch must be informed within five working days;
  • The client must remove the vacancy form the AgriMatch site, if the job opening which is being advertised has been filled;
  • Terms of payment of 14 days apply for all invoices. If the client does not pay by the due date, client is automatically considered to be in omission and without the need for injunction or notice of default, is liable to pay interest of 1 percent per month or part thereof, unless the legal interest is higher in which case the legal rate of interest applies. In addition the client is liable to pay AgriMatch the collection fees, without prejudice to the right of AgriMatch to immediately remove the advertisement or banner from its website.
  • AgriMatch retains the right to modify the fees. Such modifications only become valid when the client places a new advertisement or banner and therefore do not apply to the extension of existing advertisements or banners;
  • AgriMatch guarantees to perform the agreed service to the best of its capabilities and in accordance with the generally applicable standards. The liability of AgriMatch is limited to a maximum of the fee that was paid for the advertisement;
  • The client is exclusively responsible for the content of the advertisement or banner. AgriMatch will remove vacancies which contain texts that are contrary to legislation or accepted principles of morality from the website as quickly as possible, without being held liable to award any damages. AgriMatch cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the content of advertisements or banners;
  • AgriMatch retains the right to refuse advertisements or banners; 
  • AgriMatch guarantees that the details supplied by the client will not be divulged or released to third parties;
  • The legal relationship between AgriMatch and the client is governed by Dutch law.


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